Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Cat Burglar's House

Ugly Cat burglar's house
Just on the corner from my place is, without a doubt, one of the ugliest houses I've ever seen. And word around the campfire is that it was actually built that way by a professional cat burglar. Apparently, he wanted a house that nobody could break into. And being a professional himself, I guess he would know what that would entail.

Ugly Cat burglar's house

The entire house is made of concrete, making it impossible to scale. The windows are also mere slivers in the facade, scattered higgledy-piggledy along the outer walls, and cut just big enough to let in the odd beam of light and nothing (read: no-one) else.

Ugly Cat burglar's house

It even has a concrete wall around it, and the only way in through the back is via a gate that's only about two metres tall. I guess functionality is more important that asthetics to some people.


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