Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Golden Week Gridlock

Golden Week Gridlock

Golden Week just came to an end this past Sunday. It's a series of national holdays in Japan. The first day is at the end of April, and then after a short jump, there's a small block of three holidays around the beginning of May.

This is one of the only chances Japanese people get to take a vacation. As such, the roads are so packed with cars that you can't fit any more in with a shoehorn.


I took these pictures from the pedestrian overpass in front of my apartment. The traffic going south to Chiba and Tokyo was snarled up for miles. Going North, it was a different story: smooth sailing.

That's because it was the end of Golden Week. People escape to the country at the beginning, like bees leaving the hive in search of food. At the end, they all come flodding back to the city, clogging the roads as they go.


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