Saturday, May 06, 2006

Japanese food: The first bite is with the eye

The Japanese have a real penchant for turning nearly everything they make into works of art. Give them some silks for a robe, and they'll make a colourful, stunning kimono. Give them steel and laquer for a sword, and they'll make an ornate, yet supersharp katana. And give them a few simple ingredients, and they'll make you a sumptuous feast that looks as good as it tastes, if not better.


At a recent reception for new teachers at my school, we went to a fantastic sushi restaurant. The sashimi plates they brought out were so delicately arranged that it was almost a shame to eat it.


Meat and veggies

But the sashimi wasn't all they had. They also brought out a plate of meat, vegetables, and tofu, that we then dropped into a pot of boiling water on our tables, cooking it just enough before diving in with our chopsticks to fish out our favourite tasty morsels. Even though the meat would only sit on the plates for a short moment, that didn't hamper the staff's attention to detail.

Pickled vegetables and beer

Even a simple dish of pickled vegetables is artfully arranged.

Curry and salad

My private student is also a fantastic cook. Even though I've eaten many wonderful meals in her home, she always puts in that little extra bit of detail in the presentation to make sure that it's just right.


I also went to a great udon shop in Tokyo some time ago. The way the meat and vegetables are displayed in the pot before cooking is intricate to the point of being ornate.

Artful Mocha

This attention to detail doesn't stop at food, either. They even make a mocha into a work of art.


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