Thursday, June 15, 2006

One more gravestone

Another Japanese Gravestone

I thought I'd add one more gravestone picture before moving on. I took this one from a graveyard in the middle of a field along a semi-busy road. It's still a little weird seeing so many cemetaries around all over the place.

Now for some news...

My computer's been on the fritz for the past few months now. I haven't gotten it fixed because that involved calling NEC's tech suppot centre. My Japanese is just fine, but for some reason I get a little antsy talking over the phone. As such, I'd been putting it off for a long time.

Well, I finally called them the other day, and they even sent a courier to pick up my machine and take a look at it. I'm hoping that the repairs won't be all that expensive and I can have it back in a few weeks. In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


At 11:21 p.m., Anonymous Suby said...

Your grave shots are soo cheery and cheerful. Unlike me, I always make my grave shots so dark and dreary and ominous
(tells you a loit about the Subster) :)


At 9:04 a.m., Blogger micki said...

This was a very informative and interesting series.

At 9:44 a.m., Blogger Timmybomb said...

Hey Champ. The first thing I thought of when I saw your photos of the graves was "What did that cost?" These gravestones look very expensive. It has always struck me as odd that we humans spend so much money on dead people.

At 3:57 a.m., Blogger Azhar said...

Nice shots,
Yknow a close up of those chinese letters would be cool.


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